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Front-End Developer (Contract)

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Here’s the opportunity for you. We’re a nimble and lean team who hustles to unlock huge results for our clients. You’ll be developing conversion optimization tests and strategies for clients like Adobe, Xerox, and mid-sized online clothing retailers. And you’ll make a meaningful and measurable contribution to driving online revenue for The Good’s clients.


The Front-End and A/B Test Developer (Contract) role is responsible for working with the CRO Strategy team to deliver The Good’s Conversion Growth Program™ for a subset of clients.

This means using front-end development skills to code and deploy A/B and multivariate tests in platforms such as Google Optimize, VWO, and Optimizely. Additionally, you’ll set up data collection to validate our A/B test hypotheses, supporting the informed decision making of our clients.

This position reports to Director of CRO Strategy

Applications without a cover letter will not receive a response. Must provide requested compensation in cover letter.


A qualified candidate for this role will exhibit the following:

  • Must have at least one year of front-end development expertise, with credentials to back it up (such as code school graduation or relevant industry experience)
  • Strong knowledge of ES6 JavaScript and Node.js, and familiarity using client-side JavaScript libraries such as jQuery
  • Strong knowledge of CSS/SASS, and layout best practices
  • Experience retrieving and displaying data from RESTful web APIs
  • Familiarity with component based front-end systems, like React, Angular, or Vue
  • Extra curriculars: Experience with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, ecommerce platforms (such as Shopify, Magento or BigCommerce), and familiarity with design tools a plus
  • Familiarity with UX best design practices, mobile-first, and responsive design a plus


This role will be asked to do the following functions on a regular basis:

  • Front End Development – Responsible for the overall design, style, layout, features, and code quality of tests developed, ensuring they meet the client’s brand guidelines and standards
  • Collaboration – Collaborate with other developers to create and maintain a consistent and effective use of UI components and style guidelines. Work with the strategy team to understand detailed requirements of the tests you’re working on and design user experiences that meet their needs.
  • Deployment & Troubleshooting – Set up and monitor A/B test deployments, and implement bug fixes when needed.

Soft Skills

  • Holds The Good’s belief that the customer’s needs come first online (vs the brand’s needs) and likes what they see in our Insights
  • Highly creative: we’re constantly looking for the points of highest leverage since we’re small and scrappy
  • Detail oriented: loves to-do lists and checking off the items
  • Adaptable: Willing to seek out and take on new challenges; wants to work on a small team, and willing to contribute when/where needed
  • Highly organized and great at time management: Can handle working on 6-8 accounts simultaneously
  • Solution-oriented: Able to find the path of least resistance and focus on solutions rather than simply pointing out problems; a quick thinker in pressure situations, and not afraid to pick up the phone over sending an email
  • Collaborative: comfortable giving and receiving feedback
  • Takes ownership: Doesn’t place blame or make excuses

Core Values

At The Good we thrive by holding true to three core values that we expect every team member to uphold in themselves, and one another:

  • Be a force for change. We find opportunity in every challenge and take action to make things better.

  • Make improvements, not excuses. We hold each other accountable to grow through practice, not perfection.

  • Inspire by example. We challenge each other to risk temporary setbacks in pursuit of lasting progress.

About The Good

A little about our “Why”.

At The Good we know what ecommerce leaders really want is to have a website that produces a lot more revenue from their existing traffic. In order to do that, they need to convert more of their website visitors into buyers. The problem is, they don’t know how to get their conversion rate to the next level which makes them feel frustrated and stuck.

We believe every ecommerce leader deserves a clear path that helps them realize their website’s true conversion potential. We understand how challenging it can be to take an existing website to its next level, which is why for almost 10 years we have been helping ecommerce sites increase their conversion rates without the need to increase traffic.

In fact, we’ve written the book on it: Stop Marketing, Start Selling.

We are proud to be a certified B-Corporation.

B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. While The Good has sought to hold ourselves to higher standards as a matter of principle, the certification has helped to add another layer of outside accountability and transparency. B-Corp has evaluated how our practices impact our employees, their community, the environment, and our customers. To learn more about our certification, check out The Good’s B Corp profile.

Learn more about The Good.

Recruiters: please no emails or phone calls.

Location: must be able to occasionally meet or work on-site in our Portland, Oregon USA office.

Applications are only accepted via Breezy.